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Scruffy Mutts

Home Boarding, Doggy Daycare & Dog Walking

because dogs need a holiday too!

Scruffy Mutt Home Boarding

About Us

We live in Kidsgrove, Staffordshire with our humans. They are so much fun, we get lots of walks and cuddles. We love it when other dogs come to home board because we make new friends and we let them play with our toys and chomp on our chews too.

At the end of your stay you can take a CD-ROM home with all of your holiday snaps on to show your humans what a great holiday you had whilst they were having theirs.

The only rule we have here at Scruffy Mutts home boarding is that you are friendly and wont try to bite us!

Hayley, that is the main human, our mummy! We take her on brilliant walks so we can swim and play with other dogs too so we never get bored and she is always around so you wont get lonely. Hayley Is also a certified Canine First Aider so you know she will take good care of you!

You can bring your own bed and your own food so you have your home comforts. Hayley will give you a chew when you are good so thats all you need to bring, oh, and your lead so we can take Hayley on lots of walks!

We promise that home boarding with us will be lots of fun!

cleaning a very scruffy mutt!