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Scruffy Mutts

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because dogs need a holiday too!


Chocolate Fondue!

Posted on November 11, 2012 at 12:48 PM
Hiya chumley's!
Dotty here. I just wanted to say how much fun it has been since Thursday when Dora (me and Squidges real sister) and Ruby (our real mum) came to stay. We all cuddled up on the floor the other day and mummy Hayley said we looked like a chocolate fondue (whatever a fondue is!)
I think i must remember my mum and my sister because i love cuddling up with them. They are going home tomorrow :( but they will be back next year for 2 whole weeks! YIPPEEE!!!
Ronnie has just arrived so we now have a house full. He just tried humping me so i told him off. Squidge however is another story she is such a tart!
Mummy has been telling people we are being 'done' on Thursday, i don't know what this means but it sounds fun!
I will write again after we have been 'done'
speak soon
Ruby is chewing the stick
then squidge, me and dora at the back

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