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Scruffy Mutts

Home Boarding, Doggy Daycare & Dog Walking

because dogs need a holiday too!

Home Boarding

(Scruffy Mutt home boarder - Molly)

Scruffy Mutt Molly having a chew on a stolen sock!

If your humans are going away on holiday and you don't like kennels then come and stay at Scruffy Mutts Home Boarding and have fun with us. You can come and see us first to see if you want to be our friends then your humans can talk to Hayley.

If your humans decide to book you in for home boarding they can do this in two ways:-

1. Call Hayley on the number below

2. Fill in the form on this website

(Scruffy Mutt home boarder- Bailey)

home boarder Bailey

Prices for home boarding with us are £20 per night for 1 dog. If your humans have 2 dogs then it costs £35 for both of you to stay.

There is a day rate charge of £10 if your humans want to drop you off before noon and if they want to pick you up after 1pm when they return.

There is also an additional charge if you would like Hayley to pick you up and drop you back off at home.

Christmas Bookings

Between Dec 20th - Jan 2nd home boarding prices rise to £22 per night.

24/25/26th Dec and 31st/1st Jan over night boarding will be charged at £24 per night.